Azure DevOps

You can import tasks from Azure DevOps instance using the azuredevops service name.

Example Service

Here’s an example of a azure devops project:

service = azuredevops
ado.PAT = 1234abcd5678efgh
ado.project = testproject1
ado.organization = testorganization
service = "azuredevops"
pat = "1234abcd5678efgh"
project = "testproject1"
organization = "testorganization"


If you look at a work item in the browser, the url should be something like

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from Azure DevOps. You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options or described in Service Features below.

The PAT (Personal Access Token) can be generated for your project by following

Service Features

The following default configuration is used: =
ado.wiql_filter = SELECT [System.Id] FROM workitems
host = ""
wiql_filter = "SELECT [System.Id] FROM workitems"

Specify the Query to Use for Gathering Issues

By default, the Azure DevOps plugin will include all issues in the project, but you can fine-tune the query used for gathering issues by setting the wiql_filter parameter. Please note there is a limit imposed by the Azure DevOps API on the number of workitems you can pull at the same time (20000). If your query exceeds this limitation, the application will produce an error. A good default would be to only pull ado workitem assigned to yourself. Do that with this query: configuration option:

ado.wiql_filter = [System.AssignedTo] = @me
wiql_filter = "[System.AssignedTo] = @me"

To select issues only in an active state configuration option:

ado.wiql_filter = [System.AssignedTo] = @me AND [System.State] = 'Active'
wiql_filter = "[System.AssignedTo] = @me AND [System.State] = 'Active'"

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name




Azure Devops Activity

Text (string)


Azure Devops Description

Text (string)


Azure Devops ID number

Number (numeric)


Azure Devops Namespace

Text (string)


Azure Devops Parent Work Item Name

Text (string)


Azure Devops Priority

Number (numeric)


Azure Devops Amount of Remaining Work

Number (numeric)


Azure Devops Work Item State

Text (string)


Azure Devops Title

Text (string)


Azure Devops Work Item Type

Text (string)


Azure Devops URL

Text (string)