ActiveCollab 2

You can import tasks from your ActiveCollab2 instance using the activecollab2 service name.


You can obtain your user ID and API url by logging into ActiveCollab and clicking on “Profile” and then “API Settings”. When on that page, look at the URL. The integer that appears after “/user/” is your user ID.

Projects should be entered in a comma-separated list, with the project id as the key and the name you’d like to use for the project in Taskwarrior entered as the value. For example, if the project ID is 8 and the project’s name in ActiveCollab is “Amazing Website” then you might enter 8:amazing_website

Note that due to limitations in the ActiveCollab API, there is no simple way to get a list of all tasks you are responsible for in AC. Instead you need to look at each ticket that you are subscribed to and check to see if your user ID is responsible for the ticket/task. What this means is that if you have 5 projects you want to query and each project has 20 tickets, you’ll make 100 API requests each time you run bugwarrior pull.

Example Service

Here’s an example of an activecollab2 target. Note that this will only work with ActiveCollab 2.x - see above for 3.x and greater.

service = activecollab2
activecollab2.url =
activecollab2.key = your-api-key
activecollab2.user_id = 15
activecollab2.projects = 1:first_project, 5:another_project
service = "activecollab2"
url = ""
key = "your-api-key"
user_id = 15
projects = "1:first_project, 5:another_project"

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from ActiveCollab 2. You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options.

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name




ActiveCollab2 Body

Text (string)


ActiveCollab2 Created By

Text (string)


ActiveCollab2 Created On

Date & Time (date)


ActiveCollab2 Name

Text (string)


ActiveCollab2 Permalink

Text (string)


ActiveCollab2 Project ID

Text (string)


ActiveCollab2 Ticket ID

Text (string)


ActiveCollab2 Task Type

Text (string)