You can import Maniphest tasks from your Phabricator instance using the phabricator service name.

This service supports both Maniphest (Tasks) and Differential (Revision).

Additional Requirements

Install the following package using pip:

  • phabricator

Example Service

Here’s an example of a Phabricator target:

service = phabricator
service = "phabricator"


Although this may not look like enough information for us to gather information from Phabricator, but credentials will be gathered from the user’s ~/.arcrc.

To set up an ~/.arcrc, install arcanist and run arc install-certificate

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from Phabricator. You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options.

Service Features

Filtering by User and Project

If you have dozens of users and projects, you might want to pull the tasks and code review requests only for the specific ones.

If you want to show only the tasks related to a specific user, you just need to add its PHID to the service configuration like this:

phabricator.user_phids = PHID-USER-ab12c3defghi45jkl678
user_phids = ["PHID-USER-ab12c3defghi45jkl678"]

If you want to show only the tasks and diffs related to a specific project or a repository, just add their PHIDs to the service configuration:

phabricator.project_phids = PHID-PROJ-ab12c3defghi45jkl678,PHID-REPO-ab12c3defghi45jkl678
project_phids = ["PHID-PROJ-ab12c3defghi45jkl678", "PHID-REPO-ab12c3defghi45jkl678"]

Both user_phids and project_phids accept a list of PHIDs.

If you specify both, you will get tasks and diffs that match one or the other.

When working on a Phabricator installations with a huge number of users or projects, it is recommended that you specify user_phids and/or project_phids, as the Phabricator API may return a timeout for a query with too many results.

If you do not know PHID of a user, project or repository, you can find it out by querying Phabricator Conduit (https://YOUR_PHABRICATOR_HOST/conduit/) – the methods which return the needed info are user.query, project.query and repository.query respectively.

Selecting a Phabricator Host

If your ~/.arcrc includes credentials for multiple Phabricator instances, it is undefined which one will be used. To make it explicit, you can use: = https://YOUR_PHABRICATOR_HOST
host = "https://YOUR_PHABRICATOR_HOST"

Where https://YOUR_PHABRICATOR_HOST must match the corresponding json key in ~/.arcrc, which may include /api/ besides your hostname.

Ignoring Some Items

By default, any Task or Revision relating to any of the given users or projects will be included. This is likely more than you want! You can ignore some user relationships with the following configuration:

phabricator.ignore_cc = True
phabricator.ignore_author = True
phabricator.ignore_owner = True
phabricator.ignore_reviewers = True
ignore_cc = true
ignore_author = true
ignore_owner = true
ignore_reviewers = true

Note that there is no way to filter by the reviewer’s response (for example, to exclude Revisions you have already reviewed). Phabricator does not provide the necessary information in the Conduit API.

Furthermore, setting only_if_assigned to something other than False will default to ignoring the CC and Author fields as reported in phabricator.

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name




Phabricator Object

Text (string)


Phabricator Title

Text (string)


Phabricator Type

Text (string)


Phabricator URL

Text (string)