Debian Bug Tracking System (BTS)

You can import tasks from the Debian Bug Tracking System (BTS) using the bts service name. Debian’s bugs are public and no authentication information is required by bugwarrior for this service.

Additional Requirements

You will need to install the following additional packages via pip:

  • PySimpleSOAP

  • python-debianbts


If you have installed the Debian package for bugwarrior, this dependency will already be satisfied.

Example Service

Here’s an example of a Debian BTS target:

service = bts =
service = "bts"
email = ""

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from the Debian BTS. You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options or described in Service Features below.

Service Features

Include all bugs for packages

If you would like more bugs than just those you are the owner of, you can specify the packages option.

For example if you wanted to include bugs on the hello package, you can add this line to your service configuration:

bts.packages = hello
packages = ["hello"]

More packages can be specified seperated by commas.

Excluding bugs marked pending

Debian bugs are not considered closed until the fixed package is present in the Debian archive. Bugs do cease to be outstanding tasks however as soon as you have completed the work, and so it can be useful to exclude bugs that you have marked with the pending tag in the BTS.

This is the default behaviour, but if you feel you would like to include bugs that are marked as pending in the BTS, you can disable this by adding this line to your service configuration:

bts.ignore_pending = False
ignore_pending = false

Including sponsored and NMU’d packages

By default, packages that you have sponsored or have uploaded as a non-maintainer upload or team upload will be excluded. You can include tasks from these packages by disabling this feature:

bts.udd_ignore_sponsor = False
udd_ignore_sponsor = false


This will only affect the bugs returned by the UDD bugs search service and will not exclude bugs that are discovered due to ownership or due to packages explicitly specified in the service configuration.

Excluding packages explicitly

If you would like to exclude a particularly noisy package, that is perhaps team maintained, or a package that you have orphaned and no longer have interest in but are still listed as Maintainer or Uploader in stable suites, you can explicitly ignore bugs based on their binary or source package names. To do this add one of the following lines to your service configuration:

bts.ignore_pkg = hello,anarchism
bts.ignore_src = linux
ignore_pkg = ["hello", "anarchism"]
ignore_src = ["linux"]


The src: prefix that is commonly seen in the Debian BTS interface is not required when specifying source packages to exclude.

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name




Debian BTS Forwarded URL

Text (string)


Debian BTS Number

Number (numeric)


Debian BTS Package

Text (string)


Debian BTS Source Package

Text (string)


Debian BTS Status

Text (string)


Debian BTS Subject

Text (string)


Debian BTS URL

Text (string)