Getting bugwarrior


To use bugwarrior, you need python 3 and taskwarrior. Upon installation, the setup script will automatically download and install missing python dependencies.

Note that some of those dependencies have a C extension module (e.g. the cryptography package). If those packages are not yet present on your system, the setup script will try to build them locally, for which you will need a C compiler (e.g. gcc) and the necessary header files (python and, for the cryptography package, openssl). A convenient way to install those is to use your usual package manager (dnf, yum, apt, etc). Header files are installed from development packages (e.g. python-devel and openssl-devel on Fedora or python-dev libssl-dev on Debian).

Installing from the Python Package Index

Installing from is easy with pip:

$ pip install bugwarrior

By default, bugwarrior will be installed with support for the following services: Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, Pagure, Phabricator, Redmine, Teamlab, and Versionone. There is optional support for Jira, Kanboard,, Active Collab, Debian BTS, Trac, Bugzilla, and but those require extra dependencies that are installed by specifying bugwarrior[service] in the commands above. For example, if you want to use bugwarrior with Jira:

$ pip install "bugwarrior[jira]"

The following extra dependency sets are available:

Installing from Source

You can find the source on github at Either fork/clone if you plan to do development on bugwarrior, or you can simply download the latest tarball:

$ wget -O bugwarrior-latest.tar.gz
$ tar -xzvf bugwarrior-latest.tar.gz
$ cd ralphbean-bugwarrior-*
$ python install

Installing from Distribution Packages

bugwarrior has been packaged for various operating system distributions. You can install it your distributions package manager

  • Fedora

bugwarrior has been packaged for Fedora. You can install it with the standard dnf (yum) package management tools as follows:

$ sudo dnf install bugwarrior
  • Debian and its Derivatives like Ubuntu

bugwarrior has been packaged for Debian and Debian Derivatives like Ubuntu. You can install it with the standard apt package management tools as follows:

$ sudo apt install bugwarrior